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diana-rodgers-paleo-408Diana Rodgers is a “real food” dietitian who lives, works and plays on an organic vegetable farm outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Her message is simple: real food heals. With a focus on digestive health and blood sugar regulation, she helps her patients learn the importance of nutrient-dense foods, while also removing the negative stigma surrounding meat consumption. Whether it’s meeting patients one-on-one or educating them through her books, Rodgers is passionate about the healing power of real food. Over on her blog and podcast, The Sustainable Dish, she discusses the intersection of food and sustainability, through which she has found that the foods that are best for the land are also the best for our bodies.

The Savory Meal appealed to Rodgers because of the energy surrounding the regenerative movement. For her, to be able to share a meal with passionate, like-minded people who are invested in making a change from their area of expertise is the best use of her time. What’s more, she has witnessed many smart, young leaders who are doing incredibly innovative things — something that she certainly wants to be involved with. Rodgers has participated in many Savory events, and is excited to join the Jefferson Center for the 2017 Savory Meal.

When she’s not meeting with patients or traveling the world for events, you can find her taking long walks around the farm, enjoying a communal “crew lunch” that provides endless culinary adventure, or cheering her heart out for her kids on the sideline of  their (insert any and all type of sporting event) game.

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