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Lauren Tucker

Lauren Tucker is proof that a conversation among friends in a living room in Venice, CA has the power to culminate into global movement. With a personal passion for all things regenerative agriculture, Tucker has quickly become a leader in the movement.

Tucker, the Executive Director of Kiss the Ground, and her team are dedicated to promoting soil restoration to draw carbon out of the atmosphere. In other words, they’re healing the world from the ground up. For Tucker, the regenerative movement requires participation from all citizens alike (graphic designers, marketers, ranchers, consumers, etc.) to restore our soil and create an abundant world for future generations.

When Tucker and her team  are not busy making media and educational curriculum, engaging in public speaking events or training homeless youth at their garden in Venice, CA, you’ll most likely find them meeting with actors in the regenerative agriculture movement, reviewing film footage, or checking in on their garden. All in a day’s work!

To learn more about the power of how healthy soil can balance the carbon cycle, you won’t want to miss The Soil Story.

Follow along on her social media channels at @kissthegroundca


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