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nikkiSpeaking with Nikki Silvestri is a regenerative experience in itself. Her voice is calm, strong, and reassuring. Her passion for soil health is soaked into every word. Her mission is simple: helping people understand why soil is so important.

As a public speaker, Nikki explains that there is an intersection that many people many not see clearly: the one between external and internal harmony. A negative internal disturbance will lead to negative effects on the ecosystem, whereas a positive internal force has the power to positively impact our surroundings. In that case, it’s not so much about fixing the soil, but fixing ourselves first.

As the Founder and CEO of Soil and Shadow, Nikki has developed relationships from the soil up in a way that improves relationships between communities unlike anyone else. Given her strengths as a dynamic communicator, Nikki was nationally recognized as one of The Root’s 100 Most Influential African Americans.

Nikki joins the Savory Meal in San Francisco as a guest speaker who is excited for more than the regenerative movement this year. Seeing as she’ll be very pregnant, she is delighted at the thought that her baby will be in the presence of other like-minded individuals and soaking up a healthy dose of regenerative microbiomes.

To read more from Nikki, you can find her writing on, the Huffington Post, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Her recent television appearances include All In with Chris Hayes and the Melissa Harris Perry Show on MSNBC.

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