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Perennial SF

Think of the The Perennial SF as the bridge between regenerative agriculture and the restaurant industry. Anthony Myint is a chef, co-founder, restaurateur, activist and author who is on a mission to educate his diners that they have the power to eat their way into reversing climate change.

Many people may not know that a 33% increase in cattle stocking rates would bump beef production and consumption to be 100% grass-fed in the United States. A fact that Myint keeps in his back pocket as he presses forward on his mission to expedite a cultural shift towards supporting regenerative agriculture in the restaurant industry.

Listed as one of Food & Wine magazine’s 40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and Under, Myint is well aware that climate change is the issue of today’s generation. Through his non-profits, Zero Foodprint and Perennial Farming Initiative, he is able to further promote food sustainability.

When Myint isn’t busy with all things restaurant related, you’ll find him behind his computer connecting and growing relationships for his non-profits. Myint said, “The whole process is an optimistic voyage of discovery and my favorite thing is learning each new mind-blowingly optimistic fact.”

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