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Root Down rszBetween feeding animals, prepping for farmers markets, meeting with event planners, irrigating the orchard and a dozen other daily tasks, sometimes the biggest achievement for Dede Boies at Root Down Farm is the fact that she wakes up everyday still fiercely believing in the work she does for her and her community.

Root Down Farm began in 2014 in Pescadero, CA, but Dede has been farming for the past nine years at locations around the country. She contributes to the regenerative movement not only in how she cares for her farm and the soil, but also how she cares for her employees and her animals.

For Dede, being part of the regenerative movement is both awe inspiring and humbling. She is thankful that this movement exists, and that others realize this land is not ours to merely take from, but also to give back to. Dede is looking forward to joining her peers at the Savory Meal to share insights and enjoy an incredible meal together.

Dede is passionate about humanely raising healthy, happy animals and her passion grows deeper when educating and connecting folks to the meat they chose to eat. Other than coaching high school basketball in the winter, running a farm, and snuggling the zoo inside the house, Dede also spends her time running the nearby trails, drinking cups of creamy black tea, talking about what’s for dinner, and convincing folks she isn’t Ellen Degeneres.

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