Holistic Planned Grazing, Holistic Management Consulting, Savory Global Network, Jefferson Center
PHOTO BY: Laura Mortelliti

There are two things you should know about Spencer Smith: he’s passionate about Holistic Management and he’s never without a little hope. Spencer and his wife, Abbey, began the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management in 2014 and have seen their personal and professional passions fall into place.

After partnering with the Savory Network in 2015, Smith dove head first into making waves in the holistic and regenerative movement. In fact, with a little planned grazing, they achieved a 40% increase in forage production, even amidst one of the worst droughts in California history.

For Smith, the regenerative movement is hope. Hope that they can reverse environmental degradation. Hope that they can stabilize communities. Hope that they can offer nutrient-dense food to consumers around the world. That hope is partly fueled by the support of the Savory Institute and their abundance of resources, but also the hope that they have for their daughter, Maezy, to live and thrive in a world that puts regenerative agriculture first.

Some of Smith’s favorite memories include his time spent engaging with large audiences at international conferences or traveling to Africa, but we get the feeling he’d trade all of that to spend some time cooking up something in the dutch oven with his favorite ladies, Abbey and Maezy.

The past two years of hard work have culminated in the Savory Meal, and the Jefferson Center couldn’t be more excited to take on the role of host this year.

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