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Stemple_rszQuality, integrity and transparency are just three words to describe Stemple Creek, a family-owned ranch that dates back to 1902. Even though their land is historic, their farming practices are anything but as they strive to constantly improve their land and their beef. One thing is for sure: Stemple Creek is in the farming game for the long haul.

Owned by the Poncia family, Loren and his wife Lisa joined forces with the Marin Carbon Project to boost the long-term health of their land through inputs and grazing. As a proud 4th generation rancher, the regenerative movement means that for every single decision made on or off the ranch, they consider how it will impact the land, their animals, and the people who put their products on their table both now and in the future.

Since 2008, Loren and Lisa have changed the way that their land was being stewarded. They’ve started producing grass fed and finished beef and honing the genetics that they use to produce the best beef possible on the land they love. Their commitment to consistent, marbled, delicious beef is certainly what sets them apart.

For Stemple Creek, ranching and the regenerative movement isn’t just an ordinary way of life, it’s a passion that runs deep through the Poncia Family. It’s something that makes every day a good day on the farm, knowing that they are all doing what they love day in and day out. On a typical day you’ll find them working the land or the cattle. You may also find them hosting tours and events at the ranch. However, one thing remains constant: with each day comes the chance to honor their history, acknowledge their present and improve their future.

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Photo courtesy of Stemple Creek

Photo by Paige Green