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Untitled design (6)TomKat Ranch is all about connecting people to healthy food. Whether that’s through partnerships with producers and scientists or the sale of their grass-fed beef through their label LeftCoast GrassFed, they are a non-profit and educational ranch on a mission to connect passionate consumers with regenerative ranchers and influence change in how our food is grown and raised.

TomKat Ranch is an 1,800 acre working ranch in Pescadero, CA, which provides healthy food on working lands in a way that sustains the planet and inspires others to action. Together with other industry experts and leaders, they test, study, and share practices and technologies that help scale and democratize regenerative agriculture.

Like the wildlife and ranch itself, each day is wonderfully diverse at TomKat Ranch. The team can usually be found working on a broad range of projects including moving their herd onto fresh grass each morning, mentoring interns, meeting with local food advocates to collaboratively build a regenerative food system, hosting tours for local schools, or selling their healthy, regenerative grass-fed beef.

What many don’t know, is that when TomKat Ranch was purchased it was in a state of ecological distress.  With open minds, careful planning, and sensitive monitoring, they were able to work closely with their herd to regenerate the health of the land and bring back native and perennial grasses, care for the soil, and produce some truly amazing grass-fed beef.  All these changes have allowed the ranch to be incredibly resilient, even during the  most trying of California’s droughts.

At the end of the day, with all their projects and happenings around the ranch, one of their favorite memories included a recent phone call from a previous intern who is now managing a herd of grass-fed cattle in North Carolina using the Holistic Management practices they learned through TomKat. It is an honor to have a lasting impact on future generations and the future of regenerative agriculture.

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*The Jefferson Center would like to thank TomKat Ranch for joining the Savory Meal as a Message Sponsor as well as for their beef donation.