Spencer Smith stood before a filled conference room at the Artisans of the Grasslands conference in the Bay Area last October. His presentation on holistic planned grazing sparked questions from the audience, including one from Gareth Plank, owner and operator of Scott River Ranch.  Gareth asked if whole families could attend holistic management courses together as the cost for everyone to attend seemed prohibitive. Spencer said, “Remember everything is negotiable.”

Gareth did remember.

And thus began the friendship between the Jefferson Center, the holistic management education hub that Spencer started with his wife, and Scott River Ranch. The Plank family traveled to attend Jefferson Center trainings in Taylorsville and Red Bluff, Calif. and now Spencer is headed to Etna to facilitate the biological monitoring and land planning course on the Plank’s Ranch.

Good thing Gareth decided to raise his hand that day and ask a question.

holistic financial planning, Defanti Ranch, Indian Valley, testimonials
The November 2015 holistic financial planning workshop crew! The Van Fleet and Plank families, JP Tanner and Weston Meyers with instructor Spencer Smith and helper Maezy Smith.
Holistic Planned Grazing, Spencer Smith, Artisans of the Grasslands
Spencer Smith enjoys questions from the audience after a Holistic Planned Grazing presentation at the Artisans of the Grasslands conference.

Scott River Ranch Holistic Land Planning and Biological Monitoring

This holistic management course is available to any land manager who wants to use holistic management practices and principles to plan and record their progress.  The course will be held on Scott River Ranch, April 14 to 17 from 9 am to 4 pm each day  to dive deep into the principles, methods and processes of Holistic Land Planning and Biological Monitoring..    The Jefferson Center for Holistic Management is an accredited hub with the Savory Institute. This means all course materials and the course instructor are accredited by the Savory Institute, which was founded by Allan Savory and other holistic management educators.

“This course is for proactive land managers who want to learn the tools of holistic management in order to build biological health and diversity into their soil while ensuring healthier profits,” said Spencer Smith, co-owner of the Jefferson Center and an accredited holistic management instructor.

Holistic management is applied most frequently to land-based businesses because it is an effective framework for managing the complexities of natural systems.

“This course will empower farmers and ranchers to improve soil health through land planning so that the carrying capacity of the land increases,” said Abbey Smith, co-owner of the Jefferson Center.

Abbey Smith and her husband Spencer started the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management, which is a Savory Institute Network Hub serving Northern California and Nevada. They are one hub in a global network of “ordinary folks working to advance holistic management for the people and places they cherish most,” Abbey Smith said.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided for attendees each day.  We serve local, when possible, organic food and support local businesses such as restaurants, delis and cafes, Abbey Smith said.

Scott River Ranch is a multi-generational family ranch that produces grass-fed and finished organic beef in Etna, Calif.

The ranch’s website, ScottRiverRanch.com, reports that:

“Between them, Gareth and Millie have five children: Amanda, Ian, Alexis, Hillary, and Emilie.  In the past year, two new members have joined the ranch family: Amanda’s husband Josh Schmalenberger and our new grandbaby Liam. The canine members of the family are of course Suki and our new German puppy thugs Axel and Annika. (What were we thinking to get two siblings out of the same litter?) The cats include Spotty (our Zen kitty couch potato), Jelly, Tiberius, and Tuxedo Joe. Add to this mixture, all the sheep, lambs, chickens, horses, and cattle, and it stays very lively around here, not to mention noisy at times.”

Event Summary

What: Holistic Land Planning and Biological Monitoring Course

Where: Scott River Ranch 1138 EAST CALLAHAN RD. ETNA, CALIF. 96027

When: April 14 to 17, 2016, 9 am to 4 pm each day

Meals and attire: breakfast snacks like gluten-free breakfast bars, nuts, hard boiled eggs and fruit will be available for all attendees. Coffee, tea and water will also be available. Lunch will be purchased from a local restaurant or deli for attendees. Dress in layers, wear covered shoes, bring a hat and a water bottle.

Register:  online at Jeffersonhub.com 

All training materials presented are accredited by the Savory Institute, a global non-profit working to advance holistic management and reverse desertification throughout the world. The Jefferson Center is part of the Savory Institute’s network.  The Savory Institute was founded by Allan Savory and other holistic management practitioners and is based in Boulder, Colorado.

For questions or more information, contact Spencer Smith at 775-221-6793 or spencer@jeffersonhub.com

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