Founded as a worker-owned cooperative in 2006, Three Stone Hearth pioneered the model of  Community Supported Kitchen (CSK), bridging the need to provide nourishing foods produced with integrity and the need to cultivate a resilient, values-driven local food system. Local, sustainable, pasture-raised, nutrient-dense, traditional diets — these were all part of our mission before anyone was noticing or taking these ideas seriously — along with bone broth, kombucha, sprouted flour, healthy fats or lactofermentation.

In the last ten years, we’ve grown from a cooperative of five worker-owners to 20, along with almost as many employees. We are committed to developing and evolving as a replicable community-scale enterprise, and several people who came to us as students, apprentices or employees have gone on to start similar businesses around the country.

While our new slogan is “Social Change in a Mason Jar,” our original mission statement still best expresses who we are: “We heal our community, our planet, and ourselves by building a sustainable model for community scale food preparation and processing that honors culinary traditions and provides nutrient dense foods for local households and beyond.”


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