Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is about good food, family and the practice of being grateful–something the pace of our lives and the nature of our culture rarely provides. So on this day of thanks–we want to say thank you to you.

We are grateful first and always for our daughter. This year, for her patience as we traveled to Africa and as we load her up and head out to holistic management trainings, meetings with lawyers, cattlemen’s association dinners and even trips across the country. She declared that she finds some of it boring (the lawyer meetings) and some of it exciting (the speaking in front of crowds and the travel).

Spencer and monkey Maezy Rae get some inside work done.
Spencer and monkey Maezy Rae get some inside work done.
Mommy daughter time on one of our many trips this year.
Mommy-daughter time on one of our many trips this year.


Thank you to our friends and family who supported our Kickstarter campaign and helped us raise enough funds in one month to complete our accreditation process and seed the new business. You believed in us, even if you might not have completely understood what on earth the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management was supposed to do. Thank you to the strangers who found us on Kickstarter and didn’t know us, but believed in what we were doing enough to send us $25, $75, even $1,000. Thank you to our advisory board: Russell Reid, Sue Weber, Steve Smith, Vinh Luong, Robb Wolf and Rob Rutherford for guiding us, supporting us and committing to our shared vision. Thank you to Steve and Pati Smith, who opened their ranch and future to us and the holistic management learning center. Thank you to our employers and friends at Swift Communications, Inc. and Stix Cattle Co. for helping us live our dream and keep a work-life balance. Thank you to Ray and Barbara March at The Ag Magazine, Marie Gibson and others who believed in us and cheered us on.  Thank you to Dr. Cindy Daley who developed the Grazing for Change conference with Spencer and meets with us each Friday at 5 am to do conference work. Thank you to my Mom, Spencer’s Mom and our friend Lea Huetteman for allowing us to use their beautiful photography.


Thank you to all our new friends at the Savory Institute and the global network of hubs. You inspire us to keep going.




In our business plan review, we were asked about the risk of a business supported and run by two people (what if one of us gets sick, or hit by a bus?). But really, the Jefferson Center isn’t just Spencer, Maezy and me. It is all of you too. Thank you! It has been quite a year!


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