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Understanding Ecosystem Services and Carbon Markets | Session 1
June 14, 2021 | 8:30 AM PT

Unlocking the Mysteries of Carbon Markets: Learn how they work, and what buyers and consumers want. How do we build trust, understanding, clarity and communication between everyone involved in the development of regenerative pasture and rangeland management practices, and the consumer appreciation of both the products and the environmental benefits associated with these efforts?  This webinar series is organized to clarify:

  • How pasture and rangeland managers can participate in, and economically benefit from emerging carbon and environmental marketplaces.
  • Why are organizations buying credits, and what do they want to see from the process that creates them?
  • What impact do regenerative pasture and rangeland management practices have on consumer purchasing decisions, and how do we best communicate and build trust with consumers?



Dr. Paul Zorner, Host

Dr. Paul Zorner  is Chief Agronomist and CEO Emeritus of Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG). Locus AG is an agricultural technology B Corporation® (B Corp™) with innovative microbial “probiotic” solutions that improve soil health to increase crop productivity, accelerate crops’ ability to sequester atmospheric carbon in soils and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Paul has held R&D, operating and leadership positions with large agribusinesses and venture-backed startups including BASF, Dow Chemical, Mycogen Corp (acquired by Corteva) and Diversa Corp. He has dedicated his career to supporting global food supply, improving the nutritional content of food, and advocating for agricultural systems that support the economic and environmental health of rural communities.

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Abbey Smith, Host

Abbey serves as the Savory Global Network Coordinator. She is also the director of the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management. The Jefferson Center is the  Savory Network Hub serving Northern California and Nevada as well as farmers and ranchers in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Previous Webinars

Carbon Markets for Pastures and Rangelands Virtual Workshop

September 14, 2020 | 9 AM PST

We hosted a virtual conversation about carbon markets in June. Wow, did we learn a lot! First, this is a hot topic. The webinar was well attended with more than 100 registrants. The questions were specific and detailed. Second, we learned that a carbon or ecosystem service market hasn’t been figured out yet for rangelands/grasslands. We believe there is so much potential in rangelands for carbon sequestration, improving ecosystem health, and increasing biodiversity. There is also so much to learn. 

But we don’t know enough. Let’s learn more together.This workshop is designed to bring carbon market and ecosystem services thought leaders together to exchange ideas, to listen, and imagine how we can all work together to activate change, and awareness, around the important role rangelands/grasslands could play in carbon sequestration and climate health.


Dr. Paul Zorner and Abbey Smith


  • Aldyen Donnelly, Nori
  • Nicole Lederer, www.e2.org
  • Jim Strickland, Florida Rancher
  • Jason Rowntree, MSU
  • Paige Stanley, UC Berkeley
  • Rina Singh- EVP Alternative Fuels Coalition
  • Pankaj Trivedi, Colorado State University
  • Chris Kerston or David Rizzo,  Savory Land to Market and EOV
  • Byron Palmer, Grounded Grasslands owner and rancher, California
  • Andrea Malmberg, Savory Field Professional, EOV Master Verifier, Rancher, Oregon

Women Led Livestock Businesses

August 21, 2020 | 9 AM PST

Being part of Women in Ranching is an amazing force of good in my life. Even before we were joined through the Women in Ranching circle at TomKat Ranch in Pescadero, California, Beth and Cole were two women who I deeply admired and respected. We met through our work with the Savory Institute, and the regenerative agriculture community on the West Coast of the United States.  They are entrepreneurs, they are holistic managers, they’ve started and managed livestock businesses. They sing, play guitar and have the most beautiful laughs and smiles. 

If you are keen to learn how to get started with livestock enterprises as a woman (or a man), please join us for a fun, enlightening and unforgettable hour with two leaders who are shaping the future of livestock agriculture.


Brittany Cole Bush from Shepherdess Holistic Hides and Beth from Lazy R Ranch


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