Upcoming Webinars

Understanding Ecosystem Services and Carbon Markets | Session 3
August 23, 2021 | 8:30 AM PT

In this third session we will be providing greater detail and specific examples of ranching and pasture management practices that amplify soil carbon, as well as outlining emerging technology and protocols needed to measure and validate soil carbon and the associated credits.  We will also address how best to tell these positive stories to a larger audience and learn from our panelists how they are working to educate consumers on the positive benefits of these practices on the food they eat and the communities in which they live.

This webinar series is organized to clarify:

  • How pasture and rangeland managers can participate in, and economically benefit from emerging carbon and environmental marketplaces.
  • Why are organizations buying credits, and what do they want to see from the process that creates them?
  • What impact do regenerative pasture and rangeland management practices have on consumer purchasing decisions, and how do we best communicate and build trust with consumers?

Previous Webinars

Understanding Ecosystem Services and Carbon Markets | Session 2
July 12, 2021 

Unlocking the Mysteries of Carbon Markets: Learn how they work, and what buyers and consumers want. How do we build trust, understanding, clarity and communication between everyone involved in the development of regenerative pasture and rangeland management practices, and the consumer appreciation of both the products and the environmental benefits associated with these efforts? Features panelists Sarah Baxendell of Regen Network, Anthony Myint of Zero Foodprint, Paul Zorner of Locus Ag and Elizabeth Fastiggi of Amazon Web Services Agriculture Industry.


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